Fully embrace the return of '90s fashion
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Fully embrace the return of '90s fashion

by Shopify API on Jul 30, 2021

At this point, your 2021 wardrobe is probably looking a lot like your closet from anywhere between 1991 and 2005, between the bucket hats, the clogs and the anklets that have been taking over fashion over the past few months. But the nostalgic style kick isn't over quite yet, with another piece from the past coming back into the sartorial zeitgeist.

Though it's long had a presence in the world of athleisure, the skirt is popping up across a variety of aesthetics and price points for summer. Contemporary brands like Simon Miller, Naushka and Sandro have been weaving it into recent collections; on the luxury end of the spectrum, Balmain and Valentino have put their own sophisticated spin on a silhouette that makes us reminisce about long days spent playing outside.

There's customer interest, too: Per Google Trends, searches for "skirt" were on the up earlier this year; on Merari, searches for skirts have been steadily going up year-over-year throughout 2021, "with a peak increase of 212%," according to the platform.