Sweeten your summer wardrobes
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Sweeten your summer wardrobes

by Shopify API on Jul 30, 2021

From freshly-churned butter to electric lemon, yellow has become quite a popular trend over the past few seasons, both on the runway and in street style. This summer, though, one less energized but still optimistic shade has emerged as the go-to color: honey.

Under the sunshine, this golden-meets-butterscotch hue looks like a glowing neutral. And though not as flashy as bright orange or as rich as chocolate brown, honey is just as sweet - especially when worn in bikini or mini dress form.

Ahead, we've pulled together over a dozen honey-colored pieces, from waffle-knit shorts and floral-printed blouses to handbags and playful swimwear, that are guaranteed to become your favorite summer staples.