The Kairos VS. The Chronos

The Kairos VS. The Chronos

von {{ author }} Shopify API an May 15, 2021

If you’re new to watches, they can all sort of look the same. For example, take our Chrono S and Kairos collections. They are two of our most popular collections, and at first glance, they just look like two sick watches. But the thing to remember with timepieces is that it’s all about the details.

As popular as the Chrono S and Kairos are, they each have different details that make them unique, and thus better for different occasions. It’s kind of like sneakers vs. oxfords, both shoes, but you would only use one to run a marathon. Since these collections are fan-favorites, we wanted to give a comprehensive breakdown of what makes these watches different, what they have in common, and hopefully, by the end, you have an idea of which one fits you the best.
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