The ultimate cheat sheet on fashion
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The ultimate cheat sheet on fashion

by Shopify API on Apr 19, 2021

So many women don’t know where to turn for reliable information about developing a personal style or dressing fashionably. Your budget, body type, and personality all play a part in the clothing choices you make every morning when you get dressed. These checklists provide easy-to-follow advice on how to select clothing that looks good on your body, instructions for measuring yourself to ensure a perfect clothing fit, and a list of must-have fashion basics that belong in every woman’s closet.

Being in style doesn’t require a perfect body. Whatever your shape, you can use your fashion know-how to select clothing that makes the most of what you’ve got.

Every item of clothing a woman puts on — from the outerwear to underwear — should be a fabulous fit. That’s why it’s so important to know what your true sizes are. With this info in hand, you can shop efficiently and effectively and build a wardrobe that not only looks great but feels great, too.