What sports can teach us about fashion
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What sports can teach us about fashion

by Shopify API on Apr 19, 2021

The style on the streets has changed. Women are wearing leggings, crop tops and sports bras, men are spotted in sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers. Everyone looks like having just finished a work-out in the gym, while grabbing a cappuccino in a coffee shop, meeting friends for brunch or heading to the city center for a shopping trip.

This established lifestyle emphazises one thing: People have the need for comfortable clothing. Embodying an athletic and casual leisure time, that is what athleisure is all about. And there is no doubt that this segment of the fashion market is on the rise.

According to the findings of the market research company Global Data, the revenue of athleisure worldwide has increased by 34 billion US dollars in only one year, from 2018 to 2019. And it will continue to skyrocket. Within five years, the global revenue of athleisure wear is expected to achieve a growth of 49.9% – a promising development for the fashion industry in the future.